Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our focus is on results and we need to convey this to our clients

Currently, LinkU Web Design has seemed to focus on websites and great design, however the focus for LinkU has always been to provide websites and services that produce results. Recently we have made a more dramatic shift in this direction, with new packages and services which are designed and focused on getting small businesses more than a website, but actually putting together a plan on how to get results from their business using online marketing strategies.

LinkU marketing experts meet and consult with clients, tour their businesses and really dig deep to learn about their business and how we can help them succeed using online marketing. It is more than just building a site and letting a client figure it out on their own. While that is always an option for those who prefer it, we strongly believe that if a business allows us to help them, they will benefit so much more from the opportunities available to them online.

In the upcoming weeks, LinkU will be updating all their marketing materials, website and other advertising to highlight this area of expertise.

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